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901FPV Invades North America At Millington Barnstormers For A Season Ending MultiGP Event


The FPV freaks known as 901FPV teamed up with Millington Barnstormers to hold the 3rd annual Mid-South Heli-Invasion this past weekend, a two day long event that welcomed all things heli. The event featured some of the best collective pitch 3d heli pilots in the southeast United States. Also part of the event was a season ending MultiGP event organized by 901FPV happening on a second flight line. So not one but two flight lines featured action packed white knuckle RC Heli action all weekend long.

Friday on the MultiGP flight line pilots started showing up throughout the day to get their practice laps in on what promised to be a technical and tight race track featuring a nearly 360 degree carousel, an over under tower, and a fast sweeping front stretch into the timing gate. The pilots who showed up to practice on Friday were greeted with chilly fall winds and partly cloudy conditions. This made the carousel section of the track uncomfortable for most and a lot of drivers paid the price of getting in early practice with bent up frames and broken parts.


Video courtesy of Jeff Bates and Vivid Aerial.


Saturday (Race day) would prove to be nearly perfect weather allowing some drivers to really push the limits of the track. A few pilots were running almost identical lap times to their practice times during the actual race heats lap after lap, impressive to say the least. This was the last race of the 2016 season for 901FPV and everyone at the race had raced together previously. I think most everyone went into the race knowing anyone had a shot to win and they needed to fly their best to make it happen. Going into the final round the win was still up for grabs with the top four being separated only by five points.


The Pilots And Results


Jay “Birddogg” Warren AKA me


I went into this race wanting to take a podium away from 901 again and hopefully secure the points lead for the overall 2016 season. So I played it safe most of the day trying my best not to get caught up in any head to head racing and just finish my laps. I caught all kinds of lucky breaks during this race and ended up having enough points at the end of the day to get the win! I was pretty pumped up about that, more so than previous races because I knew how much faster everyone in these groups was getting so I will take lucky over good in this case.



Lucas “Droner” Dearborn


Lucas was clearly the fastest pilot during the race, basically running identical laptimes to his practice times. Something unheard of at these levels for the most part, when guys can put it together like that during race heats it gets fun to watch line of site. Anytime Lucas was in the air you could hear grumbling from the other pilots wondering what they could do to match that pace to bring any pressure at all. Lucas would go on to recover from early trouble to nearly winning the entire event simply by running an incredible 7 lap pace his last three heats in a row, he would finish 2nd.



 JR “Winjet” Winget


Maybe the most impressive run of the day came from Winjet with no less than six flawless five lap runs that would put pressure on everyone fighting for podium. Its like like going six for six in a twelve inning baseball game with the game winning go ahead rbi, almost a walk off. JR was quite most of the day just running his laps trying to end the season on a high note. He would go on to finish 3rd in a well deserved podium run to finish out the season.



The Sponsors


Big thanks to all the sponsors of the 901FPV races, its really nice to see those relationships evolve over time. Trying to figure out what works and what don’t work takes a lot of hard work and time, its great to see cooperation from sponsors. Without them a lot of experimentation and work wouldn't be possible.

Marco Sterk with Express Drone Parts

Tommy Bartek with DiatoneUSA

Aaron Anderson with GrabtechRC

Lucus Dearborn with Agrian


Event Pictures







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